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Hello lovlies!

I'm alive and kicking but not very active on this account as my stockaccount is stealing most of my attention :flirty:

Right now I'm in Sweden visiting my family. I've decided I'll stay in Krakow for one more year and continuing study polish. Later I'll go back to Sweden to study but those plans are still secret! :psychotic:

Well, I wanted to tell you that many of my old garbs/shoes/accessoaries/random things are for sale. You can find everything HERE! So go shop and roll yourself in my stuff :D
If you find anything interesting please write me a message on dA and we'll work it out. I ship internationally of course.

Hope you're all having an amazing time out there!

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Moving to Krakow

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 22, 2010, 2:44 AM
Hello dears! :brushteeth:

I'm studying hard for my upcoming exam, but anything to procrastinate, right? So here we go, a journal update! Right now I'm still studying by the university here in Uppsala, polish that is. I'm improving really fast and my polish is getting better and better!

However, I felt that the hours here weren't enough for me to reach my full potential. Therefore I moving to Krakow to study at the Jagiellonian university. I'm starting in February, so then I'll be living in Poland! Can't wait! :psychotic: These are my last three weeks here in Uppsala then I'm moving out. I'll be in Sweden til the 28th of December and then my adventure starts.

There's a few shoots I'd like to make before I leave, let's see how I succeed with that. But surely Krakow is also full of job opportunities, I've already started getting them!

Yeah well, I guess that was all I wanted to say, see you in Poland!

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Big plans

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 13, 2010, 3:06 AM
Hello world!

The sun is shining through my window and I am happy as always! Okay I haven't updates my journal for ages. I'm still living in Uppsala and studying here at the university. I have big plans on moving abroad in January though, but I won't say anything more than that until I got a "yes" from that university :) so stay tuned!

The 21st October I am going with one of my friends to hang out in London for a while and to see Myslovitz perform. The 5th of November I'm going to Poland. 28th of November I am going to Stockholm to see Myslovitz perform again and in Decemner I'm going to Gothenburg. 28 of December I'm going to Poland again and after that I'm most likely moving abroad. So I got a lot going on :aww:

I've also been talking to one of my favourite photographers, we're gonna plan a shoot soon, so that'll be interesting. I guess that's pretty much what's going on in my life now. Studying hard and working hard to fulfill my dreams.

Take care and thank you all for the support and for watching me! :flirty:
Feel free to add my Facebook and like my page!

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Journal Entry: Thu Mar 11, 2010, 6:38 PM
Good evening! or morning, depends on what you prefer at 3:16am lol

I've got a few things to say this time. Firstly that life is wonderful bla bla, you know I'm always great already so I don't have to tell you that. Secondly that I'm the cover girl of the author Nancy Holder's new book Possessions. You can check it out here. I've also been the cover girl for the .psdPhotoshop magazine. I'm also featured on the inside in a tutorial. You can check the magazine cover out here and the the whole magazine can be downloaded here.

I'm also gonna post a FAQ on my profile like I did on my stock account, so keep your eyes open! :)

Last but not least some wisdom by Shilghter:
"But you know, it happens in summer. All the doors and windows are open so different things get inside. Sometimes a grasshoper, and then you hear him making his noises so fucking loud and you're like "you motherfucker where are you?" Then you find a big green bug sitting in some corner and you gotta be quick to capture it cause it jumps away.

But the worst in summer are moths! The fact that thousands of small flies and insects get inside attracted by light is nothing, cause they just die and next day you just vacuum them. But moths! It's like - you just hear them motherfuckers hiting their wings against your window trying to get inside the whole fucking night the same way, even if it doesn't work! But when they actually happen to fly inside you notice a huge wierd shadow that scares the shit out of you before you realize it's just a fucking moth! Then this stupid thing flies toward the lamp(of course) but of course it's a fucking atrifical light and everytime it tries to sit on the lamp it gets burnt! So it flies away, tries to sit on it again and it goes on and on! It just flies around annoying the shit out of you and it's not easy to catch. Many times it just sneakily hides somewhere. The next night it just appears again right when you thought you got rid of it. If you're lucky it died somewhere! I remember once I was turning off all the lights. I lit just one in next room so it flew to the other room. I did this all the way to the entrance. But on the last stop it got stuck and didn't want to fly away. But what's worse - other fucking moths started goofing around the lamp outside! I was risking getting more of them inside instead. I don't like all the insects and bugs in summer."

I laughed my ass off.

Okay, I'm so tired, time to crash!

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Journal Entry: Mon Dec 21, 2009, 11:29 AM
Evening fellow deviants!

I couldn't stand looking it my old journal so I had to update it without anything to say really :P I'm at my grandparents place in Göteborg. Rest of the family will arrive tomorrow (including my tortoise!) and we'll have a cozy christmas together. I fixed the xmas tree today and ran around in town and did some last minute stuff. And I got really pissed about a book that was supposed to arrive a few days ago but still hasn't, so now I can't give it away! D:

Well anyway, I have like the best family ever and a great time. I'm baking cookies and reading and stuff. 29th I'm off to Poland to meet my boyfriend and close friends. I'll stay until the 18th so it's quite a while! Come see me if you wish :flirty:
Oh and I joined Model Mayhem!

I shall upload some awesome pictures in the future. I feel kinda shitty that I don't do much these days but I'm gonna change, promise :aww:

Now have a wonderful christmas, hope all your dreams come!

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Merry xmas and such!

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 4, 2009, 7:49 AM
Hello people!

(I forgot to tell you that you can vote many times so keep voting and I'll be in the top list soon!… :D)
I noticed how long ago I updated my journal and figured it was kind of embarrassing lol. So here I am again! I've been a very good student lately and I don't really have much time to be creative these days. But soon there's gonna be a long long holiday, damn I can't wait! :love: Got an exam coming up soon and then I'm off to my beloved grandparents to celebrate christmas with the rest of my family as well. After that I'm off to celebrate new years eve with my boyfriend in Poland, as well as his birthday. I'll be back in Sweden around the end of january again, and that's just the break I need! :D The only thing I'm a bit grumpy over is that I can't afford many presents, but that's not really what matters, is it? I just happen to love to give away things, and to shop and yeah... :P

I participated in a little contest by the way, so if you'd like to vote for me I'd be incredibly happy! Go to this place here and press "Rösta på denna önskning" and that's it :aww: I could get what's on the picture for xmas if I'd be very lucky.

Last but not least I want to wish all of you a wonderful christmas and the best time with your families  and friends! Take care!

Cheers! :heart:

and some wonderful artists and people:

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Journal Entry: Fri Oct 23, 2009, 1:29 AM

That's awesome news!
I just got home from an exam in Polish, went great.
So now I just have to prove that I actually learned something
when I go to Poland on sunday. That'll be a challenge lol.
Since I don't have to study my ass off I might be more active
with submissions, but we'll see.
Going downtown to do some clothes shopping now :D

I guess I don't have much to say more than that I made prints
out of the stuff you guys requsted :)
Lass nicht los by TwiggX Soft thoughts by TwiggX
Musing by TwiggX Disa Elin Aurora by TwiggX

There's prints over at TwiggXstock as well btw

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An autumn morning

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 9, 2009, 1:55 AM
I can't believe how fast time flows! I have my first exams in polish soon and I'm already behind in the literatture class, I'll have to make up for that today.
I just woke up by the pale autumn sun, and by freezing my ass off. I can't believe why they decide to turn the radiators off in my dorm during night. Isn't that retarded? :shakefist:

First I'll have to get on with all my work Then I promised my best friend to go with her to Stockholm. The occasion? A Green Day concert. I'll be back all bruised on monday. Not to mention that we'll stand in line forever to be in front line. But what wouldn't I do for her? ^^;

Well, I'm off to Poland soon, that's what keeps me going. I can't wait a minute longer! :heart:
Don't have much to say this time. Why don't you look at these pretty photos?

just nothing 3 by FrantisekSpurny morning by CarrotCat37:thumb133528893::thumb91577143: swan by Zaratops b.l.t.d.m by quesuu blue and yellow by bailey--elizabeth My World by Neoek give me your dreams by ahmedwkhan:thumb109458744: Unistaja by FurtiveLungs Poland no.219 by Sesjusz breathless by EbruSidar:thumb139077058: v o y e u s e s. by matthieumarangoni:thumb96985006::thumb73968357:

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Is this a joke?

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 21, 2009, 6:22 AM
I submitted this picture TwiggX @ Wasabi to a conest at a swedish community. The mission was to make yourself an artist and make an awesome poster to promote yourself. I was kinda confident you know, knowing that the people on this community aren't really that good. So I thought the crew would pick my poster to be among the 20 best that are up for voting right now. But, seems I was wrong.

This is hilarious, take a look at the entries they chose, I seriously think it's a joke. Check them out here. I promise you'll laugh! :psychotic:

And another thing, I'll be going to Poland in October again. I'll have a minor problem in the beginning of November in Gdańsk, so if there is any friendly artist around that would want to help me, please send me a note, I'll tell you all about it, and if you can help me, I'll love you forever! :heart:


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New start

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 21, 2009, 1:06 PM
Left my boyfriend at the airport two days ago, not funny. Had three wonderful weeks though, and we'll see each other soon again, so it's all good. ^_^ Next weekend I'm moving to Uppsala to study Polish and German at the university. So I'll get my own place. Tomorrow I'm off to buy furniture and other cozy stuff for my place, so I'm all happy and excited like that. I love furnishing!
When I moved I'll have a lot of spare time, so I'm hoping to be more active then. Also I'll be living closer to Stockholm so that might result in more photo shoots :)

Most likely my stock account TwiggXstock will be updated the most, but we'll see. Right now I'm so happy with my life and everything is going so well. It's so good to be alive :flirty:

Hope all of you guys are fine, like always, and I've got two people you should check out, they need some more pageviews!
:iconwhisperfall::iconvomitkandi: and :icondagnostic: of course.


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Back home

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 31, 2009, 1:08 AM
Hey guys!
I'm back from my travel. It sure was the most amazing trip I ever had and I could go on about it for ages, and ages. But I'll spare you. I met some wonderful people along the way and saw things I'll never forget, among them Myslovitz! ^_^

Anyway, right now I'm sitting on the bus towards Stockholm to pick my boyfriend up from the airport. He's flying in from Gdansk and I couldn't be happier!
A lot of you have tried to catch me on msn lately but I haven't been around, I know. I've been doing other stuff ever since I got home. Travelling for over a month sure makes you quite restless when you get back home. So the computer hasn't been my best friend lately.

I'll be moving to Uppsala soon to study at the university there. It's close to Stockholm and a great student town so I'm all happy like that. Love my life like always :)

Hope all of you are fine too and thank you so much for all the support and all the sweet comments you guys leave me. Makes me happy!
For now I'll be spending time with my boyfriend for about two weeks, but after that I'll most likely be on msn more and so forth, so you guys can talk to me, haha. Although, I'll be checking messages during these weeks, so s'all good :)


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Busy, busy, busy

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 8, 2009, 7:00 AM
Graduating on thursday, got so much work I can barely keep track of myself anymore, haha.
Anyway, life's been treating me good lately. But since I've been a busy girl I haven't had much time over for dA or anything else.

On Sunday (june 14) I'll be gone on my eurotrip. Meaniiiiing that I won't be contactable for a month. I'll be back somewhere in july, I'm not sure when. So please, don't go apeshit if I don't reply, because - I won't be here! :love:

Ah well, I guess that's all for now. Take care people, and check out:

:icondagnostic: :icontwiggxstock: :iconiamasami: :iconsyblatortue: :iconelectronicrainbow: :iconkaendd: :iconvayde: :iconphoelixde:

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Working for joy on overtime

Journal Entry: Mon May 4, 2009, 7:41 AM
I figured I better update this journal before it rots.
Graduating soon so I have heaps of stuff to do, exams and work and god knows what. It never ends.
Luckily my best friend and I are going for a eurotrip the 14th of June.
We'll be gone until the 17th July. The countries we're going to visit are Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Czech Republic and we'll finish with Poland where I'll visit some very close friends of mine. We'll also attend the Eko Union of Rock Festival in Wegorzewo, where Myslovitz is going to play.
If there would be any interest in working with me in any of these countries please contact me asap.

I was supposed to get a tattoo yesterday but apparently the studio's machine broke the same morning - horay. We'll see when I can be arsed to give it another try.
Oh and I'm turning 19 the 9th of May.
Apart from that there's not much more to say. I'm still alive :)

and don't forget to have a look at my stock account TwiggXstock

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Yohoho and a bottle of rum

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 3, 2009, 4:52 PM
Made a few updates at my stock account TwiggXstock :icontwiggxstock:
Oh, and I want to state once more that I changed account, I used to be known as Twi99y :icontwi99y:

I'm probably going to move to a really neat house soon. I'm really excited cause I need a change in my life. Well anyway, don't really have anything interesting to say.


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I need some fine wine

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 26, 2009, 11:06 AM
Joined the club :icondagnostic: dAgnostic to do some good.
Check it out, you'll find some cool stuff going on.

In 15 minutes I'm supposed to be on a plane to Melbourne.
I'm not going to be.
Who wants to take me to zoo before I go frantic? :psychotic:

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I figured I'd change my lame dAname :icontwi99y: Twi99y to the right one. So I decided to create a new account, and at the same time I can do some clean out when I'll be uploading my work here.

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